Alina Maksimenko

Friday 22. April 2022
7 – 10 pm

Alina Maksimenko

Guide Map, Episode 1, Video, 12:36 min, UA 2022
Ukrainian, Russian with English subtitles

The fragment of Guide Map is a small part of my video diary, which I did during the war when I stayed at my home in Irpin and then, when I escaped from the city, hearing shooting – it became really dangerous. I do believe the story has potential to be a film, after material is completed. I have to follow my way again with the camera, to research necessary details. My written diary will help me to be precious and not forget important things, words and faces. I have to fill in the story gaps by new travel – returning home.

From ’’Guide map’’ diary:
When the shooting is very close, life indoors looks hardly any different, but my body responds with bursts of adrenaline, which by evening reach levels that make me nauseous. My body does not react with fear but with revulsion. By the 10th day, the entire building shuddered from artillery fire, easy to differentiate from automatic rifle rounds, buildings in Irpin were destroyed and neighboring Bucha was ruined. Photographs of collapsed buildings and mutilated military vehicles on the streets began appearing in the news. How can I explain this endless feeling of insecurity? And now, having left, I cannot trust any peaceful landscape in any peaceful place. Because at any moment from out of nowhere a new foreign sound of war could emerge: the sound of nearby explosions and automatic fire. I left Irpin on the 13th day of war. There was probably a “humanitarian corridor,” I don’t know for sure, I overheard a conversation outside and asked my friends how they had gotten out, then threw my cat, camera, documents and things into the car, and locked the house.

(Translated by Larissa Babij)

Alina Maksimenko ’’Guide Map, Episode 1″